With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards have gradually improved, and the era of consumption upgrade has also followed. At the same time, the increase in income also drives people to pursue a better and more comfortable bathroom life, which drives the upgrade of bathroom consumption. As young people born in the 90s have gradually become the main force in bathroom consumption, and the continuous development of the mobile Internet, the products and marketing methods of the bathroom industry brands also need to be updated and upgraded.

With the advent of the consumer era, BOCHMANN sanitary ware intensifies product innovation

The advent of the consumption upgrade era and the younger generation of consumer groups have urged users' consumption characteristics to change from a traditional single product to a personalized direction. Modern people's choice of bathroom is not only based on quality and practicality, but also pay more attention to the design and appearance of the product. According to statistics, from 2018 to 2019, "appearance" and "design" have always been the focus of consumers' attention to the bathroom.

The fast-paced life makes the contemporary urban population more dependent on home, and also makes the simple and atmospheric bathroom design style become the mainstream. At the same time, the busy life makes young urbanites more pursuing smart life, and the acceptance of smart bathroom products is also higher, in order to reduce the heavy burden of life. Moreover, more and more consumers' requirements for "home" are not only limited to a place to rest and relax, but also hope to make "home" an interesting and comfortable leisure space.

As a leader in the sanitary sanitary ware industry, BOCHMANN sanitary ware has attached great importance to product development and design since its establishment, and has been committed to creating comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly sanitary products for consumers, and put forward the new brand concept of "humanistic sanitary ware", and strive to Improve people's bathroom life quality. In today's era of consumption upgrades, BOCHMANN Sanitary Ware has proposed and insisted on using "intelligence to create power" to produce a series of products that integrate aesthetics, comfort and energy saving.


Post time: Jul-16-2021